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1. Create New Category

To begin we need to create the category that our cubical map will be stored in. Categories are not a necessity, but organizing your cubical maps is a much simpler task if you use them. The categories you create here will also be used by default when your cubical maps are loaded into TurboCAD. You have the option to change the categories during an advanced export however.
With the Cubical Map Builder open press Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard. The Add New Category window will open (figure 1). Type "My Category" into the Category Name field and press the OK button. The Add New Category window will close and your new category will appear under the base category of the Navigation Tree (figure 2).
More information on adding categories can be found in the File Menu section.
    figure 1 - Add New Category Window
    figure 2 - "My Category" Created
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