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Edit Menu

Edit Menu
The Edit Menu includes functions that allow you to manipulate items in the Navigation Tree and their associated data.



1. Copy
The Copy function is enabled only when the HDRI Media Browser is active (Browser is highlighted in the Title Bar).
To use the copy function, first select a thumbnail from the HDRI Browser by clicking on it once. Then, from the main menu choose Edit → Copy. The file path to the selected HDRI file will be copied to the Windows Clipboard. The Status Bar will update to reflect the copied path. You can then paste the file path directly into the TurboCAD Render Scene Environment Editor. This is a great time saver when creating cubical maps from within TurboCAD.
Keyboard Shortcut - Ctrl+C


2. Rename...
Selecting Rename... launches the Rename dialog window and allows you to rename existing categories and cubical maps contained in the Navigation Tree.
Keyboard Short - Ctrl+R


3. Delete
Selecting Delete will remove the currently selected category or cubical map from the Navigation Tree. If a category contains subcategories or cubical maps they will be removed as well. If an item is deleted accidentally you may be able to retrieve it from a recent backup from the Backup Manager.
Keyboard Shortcut - N/A


4. Duplicate
Selecting Duplicate will create a copy of a selected cubical map in the Navigation Tree. The copy will be created in the same category as the original with "Copy of" prepended to the name.
Keyboard Shortcut - Ctrl-D

Move to...

5. Move to...
A selected category or cubical map can be moved to a different location within the Navigation Tree by choosing Move to... from the Edit Menu. This will open the Move to... window.
Keyboard Shortcut - Ctrl+M

Clear Position Data

6. Clear Position Data
Choosing Clear Position Data from the Edit Menu will remove any assigned data from the currently selected position on a cubical map. For example if you had an HDRI assigned to the front position of a cubical map, and that position was currently selected, choosing Clear Position Data would remove that HDRI assignment from the cubical map. Now when exporting the cubical map, the front position would be exported as a blacked out area with no lighting information.
Keyboard Shortcut - N/A

Clear All Data

7. Clear All Data
Choosing Clear All Data from the Edit Menu will remove all assigned data from a cubical map that is currently selected in the Navigation Tree. The cubical map will not be deleted but will be reverted to a just created state.
Keyboard Shortcut - N/A
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