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File Settings

The File Settings section of the Advanced Export Options Window lets you change the file name, category and export path from their default settings at export time.

File Name

The File Name input field controls both the name of the export file and the name that will be given to your cubical map when it is loaded into TurboCAD. By default this is the name of the cubical map as seen in the Navigation Tree.


The Category input field controls the category in which a cubical map is placed when loaded into TurboCAD. By default this is the same category structure used in the Navigation Tree to organize your cubical maps. Using a backslash ( \ ) between category names will allow TurboCAD to create subcategories when loading the map.

Export Path

The Export Path input field allows you to choose where the exported data file will be saved on your computer. By default exports are saved to the Desktop inside a folder named "Cubical Maps".
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