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Starting For The First Time

When starting the SOFTBOX (HDRI) Media Browser for the first time you will see the default Splash Screen Window for a few moments (figure 1). This Splash Screen will list the software as "Trial Version". This is the case whether you are running the trial version or a licensed version. If you've installed a licensed version of SOFTBOX (HDRI) the Media Browser will ask for your license information after startup for activation.
figure 1 - Initial Splash Screen
Once started, the Media Browser will ask you to read and agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) (figure 2).
figure 2 - End User License Agreement Window
After accepting the EULA you will prompted to provide your license information for validation and activation* by the License Activation Window (figure 3). Enter the information exactly as it was provided. If no Organization information was provided with your license, leave this field blank. The license information will be verified over the internet at this time. You must have an internet connection and a valid license to unlock the Full Version*. If you experience issues with validation please contact support at After license validation and activation the software will be fully unlocked.
** Note: The Trial Version does not require a purchased license and will not display the License Activation window. The Trial Version will open immediately after accepting the EULA.
figure 3 - License Activation Window
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