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Installing Presets

The cubical map and luminance presets included with SOFTBOX (HDRI) for TurboCAD can be installed to and used by any version of TurboCAD that has Image Based Lighting functionality. To install these presets, shutdown TurboCAD, then select either File Install Cubical Map Presets... or File Install Luminance Presets... from the Main Menu to launch the Install Presets Window (figure 1-2). Select one or more of the listed TurboCAD versions and editions (Professional or Deluxe). The versions you select must be installed on your computer to receive the installation. The installer will attempt to install the presets data to any number of selections in a single run. Once you've chosen the appropriate versions press the Install button to begin the installation process.
Note:  Make sure that TurboCAD is not running when installing presets or the installation will not complete successfully.
    figure 1 - Main Menu File Install Cubical Map Presets...
    figure 2 - Install Presets Window
After pressing the Install button the Install Presets window will close and the an Installation Log window will open (figure 3). This log keeps track of the installation and lets you know if there was an error encountered while installing the presets data to any of the selected TurboCAD editions. Once the installation is complete you can start TurboCAD and view the installed presets under the SOFTBOX (HDRI) categories of the Environments or Luminances Palettes.
    figure 3 - Installation Log Window
If the installer is unable to find the data file (SceneEnv.dat or Luminance.dat) for a particular edition during installation you will be prompted to either find the file or skip that portion of the installation (figure 4). After locating the file press the OK button to continue or press the Skip button to skip installation to this edition.
    figure 4 - Locate Data File Window
The presets can be installed again at anytime by starting the installation process again. If the installer finds a previously installed preset it will let you know and ask you how to proceed (figure 5). Pressing the Skip button will leave the currently installed preset in the data file and move on to the next item. Pressing the Replace button will give the installer permission to overwrite the currently installed preset and continue with the installation. Pressing the Replace All button will tell the installer to overwrite the current preset and any others it finds in the data file as well.
    figure 5 - Preset Already Exists Window
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