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Cubical Map and Luminance Presets

SOFTBOX (HDRI) for TurboCAD includes several cubical map and luminance presets to help you get started. The cubical map presets serve as examples of the different lighting and effects that can be achieved in your renderings using SOFTBOX (HDRI). The luminance presets represent different levels of finished render quality. As a rule the higher the quality you choose, the longer your rendering times will be. It's a good practice to use lower quality presets for setup and higher quality presets for final render.
After you've installed the presets you'll find them under the SOFTBOX (HDRI) category of the Environments and Luminances Palettes in TurboCAD. Each preset is installed with a thumbnail image just as the stock TurboCAD environments, luminances and materials are (figure 1). Something to keep in mind if you're using the Trial Version of SOFTBOX (HDRI) for TurboCAD is that only a limited number of HDRI files are included with the software. That means not all of the cubical map presets will work with the Trial Version. Those presets can be identified by a red "X" located in the lower left-hand corner of their thumbnail image (figure 2).
figure 1
figure 2
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